Vienna Tango Quintet

The Vienna Tango Quin­tet (Ronen Nis­san, musi­cal direc­tor and gui­tar) is an ensemble made of classically trained musicians (Serkan Gürkan -violin, Angel­ica Martinez-bass, Andres Añazco-piano und Milos Avramovic – Ban­do­neon) who share a passion for Argentinian tango.

The quintet collaborates  with such artists as Timna Brauer, Solange Freyre and Paula Barem­buem. On stage it presents con­tem­po­rary ver­sions of clas­si­cal tan­gos such as Gardel’s “Duelo Criollo” or Troilo’s “Sur” as well as waltzes (“El Beso”) and even Zam­bas such as “Alfon­sina Y el Mar”.

A special feature of its repertoire are  the tangos and songs performed in Yiddish, German, French and even Turkish.

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