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Duo Alma

Israeli soprano Sivan Goldman joins conductor, arranger and guitarist Ronen Nissan in performing a rich repertoire for voice and guitar. Through specially written arrangements they bring to life ancient Jewish Spanish (Sepharadic) songs, as well as Israeli classics.

Israeli born soprano Sivan Goldman regularly performs a varied repertoire of operatic roles, sacred music and music of our time. She has sung with all major Israeli orchestras including the Israeli opera and The Israeli philharmonic Orchestra. Her International engagements include among others performances in theaters in Cagliari, Italy and in Oberammergau, Germany and solo recitals in Hungary and in Slovenia. Mrs. Goldman has graduated with distinction from the Tel-Aviv Academy of Music. Among her recognitions are scholarships by the AICF, IVAI and the Ronen foundations.

While working on an opera project both artists discovered their mutual love not only for Jewish and Israeli music in general, but especially to the Sefaradi, or ancient Spanish Jewish musical tradition. Thus they embarked on an exciting new musical voyage exploring this hauntingly beautiful Ladino, not in an orchestral setting but rather in a wonderfully intimate dialogue for voice and guitar.

Sivan Goldman – Soprano (
Ronen Nissan – Guitar

Mama yo no tengo visto – arranged by Daniel Akiva and Ronen Nissan
Eyal Zaliouk- Sound recording – The Classical Studio
Yossi Masa – Photography
Einat Nemzoff-Arnon – Photo editing

Mama yo no tengo visto (English translation below)

Mama yo no tengo visto
pasharo kon ojos mavis
ruvio como la canela
blanco como el jasmin

Quen es este pasharico
que en el mi salon entro
pircuro hacerse nido
al dentro de mi corazon

***Mother I haven’t seen***

Mother I haven’t seen
A bird with eyes so blue
Blonde like cinnamon
White like jasmine.

Who is this little bird
That has come into my room
Who prepares himself a nest
Inside my heart.

*** La Serena *** (English translation below)
En la mar ay una torre,
en la torre una ventana,
en la ventana una hija
qu’a los marineros llama.
Si la mar era de leche
yo m’haria un pexcador
pexcaria las mis dolores
con palavricas d’amor.
Dame la mano palomba
para suvir a tu nido
maldicha que durmes sola
vengo a durmir contigo.

*** The Siren ***
In the sea there is a tower
In the tower there’s a window
In the window there’s a maiden
That calls out the sailors.
If the sea were made of milk
I would become a fisherman
I’d fish for my sorrows
With words of love.
Give me your hand, dove,
So that I climb to your nest
You’re unlucky to sleep alone
I’ll come to sleep with you


Take me under your wing,
be my mother, my sister.
Take my head to your breast,
my banished prayers to your nest.

One merciful twilight hour,
hear my pain, bend your head.
They say there is youth in the world.
Where has my youth fled?

Listen! another secret:
I have been seared by a flame.
They say there is love in the world.
How do we know love’s name?

Take me under your wing,
be my mother, my sister.
Take my head to your breast,
my banished prayers to your nest.

Ronen Nissan... has a good clear technique, and lots of intelligent ideas about the music.

Sir Roger Norrington

Ronen doing a brilliant musical work, and his conducting is from the highest quality.

 Maestro Lior Shambadal
Berliner Symphoniker

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